Acrodile Publishing Ltd. is a leading Sub-Saharan African publisher and distributor of a broad range of books, periodicals and manuals.

Acrodile’s key objective is to share the enormous knowledge and experiences documented and published with the objective of meaningfully contributing to uplifting the standards of education and promoting literacy worlwide. Acrodile’s activities span the four continents of Africa, Europe, North America and Asia .

Acrodile’s publishing and distribution cover broad subject areas that include Health Sciences, Physical sciences, Social sciences and humanities (including fiction).

Acrodile’s strength is in its people who contribute and package the numerous ideas, experiences and visions. A customer oriented editorial board assures that only apropropriate needed books and periodicals get to the market.

Acrodile prides in its solid marketing and distribution department with elaborate networks across the world. We work closely with book distributors, retailers, universities, tertiary training institutions, librararies, schools, governments, the general public, Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and community based organisations (CBOs) in various sectors to contribute to achievement of their goals by availing much needed books and other learning resources.

Besides internal publications, Acrodile represents world leading publishers in Africa.

Acrodile’s vision is powered by the desire to create wide access to appropriate and affordable books, periodicals and manuals. All this is for the love of sharing knowledge and experiences to educate and entertain.