Contemporary Psychiatry in Africa:A Review of Theory, Research and Practice by Prof.David Musyimi Ndetei and Christopher Paul Szabo

KES 1,500

This book harnesses the collective wisdom of African Psychiatry
and therefore serves as a departure point for ongoing efforts to
refine practice in accordance with the best practice and local needs.
There are a number of chapters dedicated to a range of conditions,
covering the most prevalent as well as some emerging conditions
ranging from HIV related psychopathology to eating disorders.
Additionally, the book provides a focus on a related and pertinent
Sub-specialist field – that of neuropsychiatry.
There is a chapter devoted to child and adolescent psychiatry – a
sub-specialist area that is sorely underserviced. The elderly too are not forgotten in this book. Whilst much is spoken of the youth, it is well to consider the ageing members of society.
Psychiatry and the law have also been adequately tackled through
a chapter on forensic mental health.
The book is a ‘must-read’ for academicians, researchers and
practitioners in different areas of mental health. Postgraduate
students pursuing various aspects of mental health, undergraduate
medical students and diploma medical students will find this book
quite ideal.
David Musyimi Ndetei, MBChB(Nairobi), DPM(London), M.R.C. Psych. FRC.Psych(UK), M.D(Nairobi), DSc(Nairobi), Certificate in Psychotherapy (London). He is Professor of Psychiatry at the premier University of Nairobi and the Founding Director of Africa Mental Health Foundation, a leader in this Region of Africa in Mental Health Research and a Mental Health Resources Centre. His dreams are Mental Health for All that is Affordable, Appropriate, Available and Accessible, and his mother University of Nairobi continued leadership in the region, and indeed a World class University that will soon be among the best 100 in the World. These can only be achieved
through innovative and contextualized research to make a difference in the lives of the ordinary citizens of this part of the World. It was in this context that his Doctor of Science Thesis was entitled: Studies And Works In Mental Health To Inform Practice And Policy In The African Social Cultural Context.

Christopher Paul Szabo – Professor of Psychiatry, University of the
Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa & Editor, The African
Journal of Psychiatry


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