Environmental Health and Occupational Health & Safety byMr. Samuel Obura Afubwa and Prof . Mutuku Alexander Mwanthi

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For a long time the field of Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety has depended on literature and books written by foreign authors with little understanding of the situation in Africa. It is notable that this book will be a guide to local practitioners in Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety.
With the increased opportunity for learning; many practicing health professionals are going back to school to improve their academic status and it is therefore prudent that
reading material relevant to our needs be available. This book can be used by both local and foreign students. For instance, under the New Kenyan Constitution, the devolvement
of the Central Authority of Governance to County Government will require practitioners
who are well informed and able to address increased responsibility. This book will
therefore provide additional and better understanding of Environmental issues.
In most of African nations; urbanization is fast, and many rural areas are experiencing
challenges such as pollution and environmental degradation which calls for balance and
sustainable development taking into consideration environmental factors and impacts.
Occupational Health and Safety has not also received adequate attention since only
urban centers have had services from trained officers. With the increased agricultural
and industrial development, Environmental Health Officers should be able to provide
this service effectively using this book as a guide. Challenges of pesticides inhalation and
infectious as well as other healthy factors will be addressed.
It is my sincere hope that the academicians who have contributed to this book on
Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety will not stop here but will
make efforts to ensure more books in different fields of Environmental Health and
Occupational Health will be written.


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