Life, Happiness and Cancer by Phil Kerslake

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Life, Happiness and Cancer by Phil Kerslake

Living with cancer is a journey. So is life … a journey to savour and enjoy. Phil Kerslake’s narrative, his diary of survivorship, is a manual of how to grab life by the throat and live it, and in so doing, courageously live with cancer.
Phil’s cancer journey embraces more than 30 years, the same era that I have worked as an oncologist. Over that time patients and therapists have grown to communicate better, to learn from each other. In an era that encompasses some of the greatest scientific discoveries of over two millennia, where we now know that humans have 70% of the same genome as fruit flies, we have rediscovered the importance of self-discovery in the fight against many chronic illnesses.
It is somewhat humbling to be reminded in this little but profound book, that discovering oneself will enable individuals with cancer, their families, and their communities to cope better and to demystify a group of illnesses that are often no more frightening or difficult to cope with than diabetes, asthma or motor neurone disease.
Phil’s book, as he challenges us, can and should be read in entirety and then delved into in sections. Re-reading enhances and values the meaning.
It is a profoundly honest and simple manual. It will help patients, their families, their workmates and their therapists. It is quite simply a celebration of living and proves that often cancer or living with a chronic illness can be a gift. It can lead us in other directions and enhance life even though sometimes the illness will take life.


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