Your A-Z On Mental Health by Prof. David Musyimi Ndetei

KES 1,500

The book covers a wide range of topics. It includes mental health disorders and how they are generally recognized and managed, covering the whole spectrum of life. It also includes description of subjects of interest in relation to mental disorders.

Besides describing those common situations, the book also addresses various approaches to the management of various mental health disorders and situations, by mental health workers but most importantly what they can do for themselves in their
homes and in mitigations against the costs and stigma of mental illness.

It is hoped this book will serve to demystify mental disorders, and in the process significantly destigmatize people with mental disorders and in the process allow them together with their relatives, to come forward and demand for equal treatment, services and rights from the health professionals, policy makers, and medical insurers.

This book is a must-read for everybody who cares for their mental well-being and that of others.